Thursday, July 21, 2011

Classic Mysore Pak - Quick n Easy, Step-by-step Photos

Mysore Pak is a delicious, absolutely melt-in-your-mouth sweetmeat. 

 The roasting of the gramflour and the one-string stage have to be nearly perfect to turn out the most perfect Mysore Pak. Here follows an easy version...
The recipe creates 6 squares as well as pieces at the edge.
Ingredients -
Unsalted butter - 80 gms ( including 5 gms to grease)
Gramflour / "Besan" - 75 gms
Sugar - 160 gms
Grease a 6 " glass tray, preferably square  with softened butter.
Melt the butter in a wok. Pour into a tumbler.  In the ghee - coated wok, roast the gramflour over low to medium flame until the raw smell turns into a significant roasted aroma and there is the slightest change of shade. Stir well so the entire mixture is roasted. If there are too many lumps, sift the gramflour into a bowl.

Now, stir the gramflour and melted butter together in the tumbler. The mixture will have the texture of Idli - Dosa batter.

 Now in a non-stick, heavy-bottomed wok, tip in sugar and just enough water to immerse it in. Over high heat, allow the mixture to boil.
Once the glossy sheen gives way to an opaque froth , take a single drop between your index finger and thumb and pull the string. It must form a single 'dry' thread as you pull forth. Once this stage is reached, reduce the flame. Pour the gramflour-butter directly .
Stir well over medium flame until the mixture bubbles and thickens.
 The mixture will leave the sides, turn several shades paler resembling a sauce and form large-sized bubbles. Turn off the heat and stir twice.
  Pour into the greased container . It will start to firm up immediately.

 After pressing the sweet to check the hardness, as soon as soon as it has almost set, ie. 75% , with a small, sharp, serrated knife, carefully slice into squares. Let it cool. Dislodge the squares.

Serve  the Mysore Pak with tea and a spicy snack  and enjoy!!

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